The Working Group

The Group consists of a small number of councillors and residents of Steep and is responsible to Steep Parish Council. It will be chaired by a Parish Councillor and include at least two other Parish Councillors. One of those should be charged with ensuring a Village Hall perspective is maintained during discussions. Other members will be drawn from the Steep Community at the discretion of the chair. Membership should not exceed eight in number.

The Group has no delegated authority but makes recommendations for the Parish Council to consider. Its initial remit lasts for six months and will deliver a report on its operations and recommendations at each monthly Council meeting. Working Group meetings will be private, and their frequency will be determined by the Group.

It is granted an initial budget of £500 and will handle all matters within its scope related to the Church Road land as described below, except for legal matters and Freedom of Information requests.

Scope of Work

To encourage and support the development of proposals for changes to the centre of the village (within the boundaries of the Steep in Need and the Village Hall land) that may help to achieve the community priorities reflected in the Steep Parish Plan of 2012.

To act as the Parish Council’s working contact point for Steep in Need, Wilson Designer Homes and the South Downs National Park Authority

To discuss and comment on new design possibilities for the village centre, ensuring that all creative possibilities are considered

To work with relevant parties to ensure that all community consultations are of the best possible standard and effectively publicised

To improve communications to all residents on this topic – this may be leaflets, an enhanced or dedicated web site, “village” meetings or drop-in sessions and so on – and thereby collect and respond to residents’ questions, ideas and concerns. In particular, it should keep the public record of questions and answers up to date.

To consider and recommend how any final planning application relating to the centre of the village will be handled, in conjunction with the Parish Planning Committee.