The developer has been working with Steep in Need to refine his proposals for the layout of the buildings on the site. The Working Group has also provided feedback about their views on the wider site including the Village Hall land. A public consultation event was held by Wilson Designer Homes in the Village Hall on Wednesday 15 June to invite comments on their progress so far. Material from the exhibition is shown below. Please use the feedback box below to submit your comments.


It is important to understand the context of the preferred layout above by reading all of the material shown at the public consultation event below and to note it is Wilson Designers Homes’ preferred layout. To read the whole exhibition document please wait for the document to load then use the controls for zoom (yellow) and full screen (green) if needed; there is a download option if you click the three dots of the industry standard “more menu”.

For those who prefer to read as a vertical thread the information is also on the Wilson Designer Homes site here, but you will need to return to this page if you want to add comments.

Your feedback is important to us. Please use the box below to let us know what you think. All comments will be received by the developer and shared in their entirety with the Parish Council.